I’m sure every natural has reached a stage where you’ve worn a puff or headwrap, not by choice, but because your twist out failed…whomp whomp whomp. Failed twist outs are the bane of my existence.  As a 4c natural, sometimes all you want is to have a little definition, and a twist out or braid out (I think), is the quickest way to achieve that definition. The only thing is that it doesn’t always work the way you want it to, so today we are going to chat about why your twist out keeps failing.

Your twists aren’t dry

I’m sure everyone has seen this meme before.
You knew those twists weren't dry
If you are going to take down your twists when they are still damp or partially damp, you don’t allow your product and the moisture in your hair to be absorbed and shape your strands the way you wish. Think of it like this, see how your hair shrinks to an undefined shape when you add water to it and let it dry, damp twists will do the exact same thing. The lesson here is, prep your twists in advance.

Damaged ends

Damaged ends will snag and catch on to other strands, and or any loose threads lying around, i.e your pillow, bonnet, scarf. This makes it easy for your hair to create knots, tangle, or create frizz, especially when you are separating your strands during the takedown of your twists. Make a note to clip your ends, as and when your hair needs it, to keep hair healthy, avoid further damage and to make it easy to separate your twists.

You didn’t detangle

Detangling gets rid of all the knots in your hair and allows your hair to lie in almost the same direction. This makes it even easier for you to separate your twists without causing tangles or frizz. You’ll notice that the twists themselves will come apart or separate on their own when you do that, rendering a sleek and well-defined twist out.

Too much or too little product

All things in moderation guys. If you are using a styler, it’s important to determine how much styler your hair needs, which is different for everyone. Too much styler can give you mushy, greasy or overly saturated hair giving you that greasy limp overcooked noodle look. Too little styler won’t always determine whether your twist out fails or not but may determine how much definition you may achieve.

You don’t protect your hair before bed

That silk/satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase is bae. Sleeping with any of these stops your cotton pillowcase from absorbing most of the moisture and product from your hair and the friction from these fabrics is less than that of cotton. It will also preserve your style.

You got too trigger happy with your takedown

Too much separation will always cause frizz or make you lose definition. Separate your twists where they naturally come apart and then pick at the roots only to create volume. DON’T run your afro comb all the way through your hair, doing that is like helping your hair disappoint you.
Remember you need to decide how much definition you’re chasing. I’m not always very patient, but this is how my twist out for the week turned out and I used Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream as my styler. I bought mine at Clicks who currently have all Cantu products on a 3 for 2 special until 21 November 2017, you can check that out here.
Twistout on tapered fro
Let me know whether these tips helped and know that others have had even worse failed twist outs than you have. Check the out the Buzzfeed link here below and let me know if any of these feel familiar to you.
Until next time remember
Good hair is 4chair

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