So you might have noticed that I’ve been off social media for a while and just not actively engaged. That’s because I just wasn’t’ feeling this blogging thing. Let me rephrase, I felt overwhelmed by blogging. I mean a lot of people don’t understand what goes into all of this.

Firstly there’s writing the perfect blog post of which you need to take your SEO into account and there are so many other things that fall into SEO, like readability, length, titles etc. Then there’s taking the perfect picture for your blog post that will look nice or adhere to the aesthetics of your Instagram feed, one that your followers will engage with.

Then you start wondering are brands actually watching or taking note of all the work you’re doing. I mean that wasn’t what I was wanting from the beginning at all but all I wanted was to create content that would help people with their hair and makeup. In the midst of my panic while trying to meet the standards of all these things, and yes I just called them things because I don’t have a word for all of this, I lost my love and passion for this blog.

Everything I was doing just became about numbers and stats, this is how I was measuring how well the blog was doing and I hated it, a lot! It’s why I just stopped working on it. I just stopped caring. I have been thinking about it and seeing how people still engage with my Instagram feed and the blog despite all of this and I really want to give it one try.

I want to give it one more try because I want the skills that come with beauty to become more accessible to everyone. I want to make this whole hair and make up thing accessible to everyone, from the clueless or the sages who need a gentle reminder of bomb products or styling. I really hope this content can at least help one person.

Remember Good hair is 4c hair


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