Hey there my 4c naturalistas. Today’s post is about one thing that we sometimes dread, dun, dun dunnn…Wash Day! I decided to write this post in the interest of making your natural hair journey easier and establishing healthy hair practice (that sentence sounds like something you’d hear from your doctor.) and in doing so we’ll talk about Wash Day Techniques. Keep your eyes open for a future post about the wash day process. Let’s get into it.


I cannot begin to emphasize how important this is. Detangling or not detangling can determine whether you have your sanity after wash day or not. At some point or another, I’m sure you’ve washed your hair after having it in a twist out for a week or two or even worse, after having braids. I’ve done it before. Cue the broken combs, the additional one to two hours you spend trying to get knots out of your hair which you wind up cutting.

Think about it, it can get frustrating when you have wet hair and knots and you could get to a point where you start handling your hair in a rough way. When you rip your comb or brush through your hair in frustration, you run the risk of ripping your hair out from the root(bald patches honey, bald patches) or breakage(which is why you think your hair is not growing). The lesson here is DETANGLE!


Have you ever tried to comb your fro without tackling it in sections, look how that turned out? Now, why would you want to wash your hair in the same way? Sections make the detangling process easier and it becomes easier to work through any tangles or knots you may have. Sections also help you achieve a cleaner wash as you’re able to work through less hair allowing you to get a thorough clean of your section. Don’t forget to massage your scalp when washing and always work from root to tip. Rubbing your head in all sorts of crazy directions creates KNOTS and TANGLES!

Condition and comb/brush

Stop believing the lie that black hair/afros don’t need conditioner. Truth be told, your fro and quite especially, type 4 Hair needs conditioner. Conditioner provides a lot of slip which makes detangling a breeze and restores the moisture balance that is lost during the shampoo process. If you’re not doing it already, run a comb or a brush through your hair while you still have conditioner in it. It makes combing and styling your hair after washing so much easier. If you have a lot of knots before washing, add conditioner to your hair to detangle, save yourself honey!

Combs and Brushes

While we’re on the subject of combing, can we just stick to wide tooth combs and brushes when dealing with your hair? A comb or a brush with very fine teeth will rip the hair out of your head if it doesn’t snap in half in your hair first. If you want to use a fine tooth comb, run it through much smaller sections that contain product in order to give the hair slip and to allow the comb to pass through the hair. I would recommend that you only do this when you have a styler in your hair for a smooth frizz free look and only small sections of hair to avoid undue strain on the hair.

This is quite a lot of information to absorb so I’ve put it in a little infographic:Wash day techniques for 4c Hair - Infographic

So my techniques are not the only ones around, I’d love to hear from you and know whether these tips helped and what you do on wash day as well.  Leave a comment in the comments section below.  Until next time,  remember,

Good hair is 4c hair.


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