Hey loves, it’s been a while since my last post and I thought why don’t we get back to blogging with a hot topic like how snatched my edges are, literally. SNATCHED! Yeah no guys, kurough, kubi mntase, kubi (it’s rough, it’s bad my brother/sister, it’s bad).

I say this because this year is the first time I’ve ever come to terms with my hairline, or rather what’s left of it. My hair line or edges are not in their best state and before we do a deep dive, I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like.

You may be wondering how my edges have gotten to this state. I can answer your question in one word, BRAIDS. I never thought I would ever say this but my hairline is not built for braids of any kind. Box braids, cornrows, crochet braids, it doesn’t work. Okay let me dial it back. I’m okay with loose cornrows, but anything exerting some form of tension has finished my hairline.

If you want terminology for whats happened to m hair I can give you one and thats traction alopecia. This is hair loss caused by overly tight hairstyles such as braids and sometimes even tying your hair too tight. What we do need to realise is that damage can be reversable if you haven’t done extensive damage to your follicles. You can read more about this here.

Now if I behaved like a person I would have seen the light and stopped kudala (long ago). I just had to be myself. I had to try other styles like individual crochet braids and Ghana/carrot braids making the problem worse. Anytime I never had the braids and just let my braids alone, my hairline would slowly grow back. When I mean slowly, I mean S L O W L Y, but progress is progress isn’t boys and girls!

So what have I been doing about my edges?

  1. First things first, no matter how much I LOVE braids and how convenient they are, I’m done with them completely. COMPLETELY. Me behaving like a person means that I need to change or eliminate the behaviour that caused the problem in the first place. I protective style, yes, but now I wear a wig. They’re cute, yes and it’s convenient, and I miss my braids so much but I’m not causing any further damage to my edges.
  2. Moisture. Moisture, moisture, MOISTURE! Guys this will stop your hair breaking more especially if you’re trying to restore your hairline. Give your hair a light spritz every second day or so and add an oil of your choice to seal in moisture.
  3. Scalp massages. These are from Jesus guys, Nthathe God himself. These stimulate blood flow to the scalp and can be done with an oil of your choice, mine is Jamaican black castor oil, you can read up on it’s goodness here. It’s ability to encourage hair loss recovery, healthy growth and thickness was the reason I chose it and I’ll do a scalp massage every second day and try to get to my edges every day.
  4. Patience. I’ve realised restoring them will take time.

Now the question of the hour…

Has it worked?

It’s worked, a smidge. I now have bum fluff or peach fuzz where there used to be nothing. The picture I’ve shared above is progress because there used to be nothing in those areas. All I know is I’m going to keep trying and if it doesn’t work I’ve come to terms that this is my hair and what it will look like. I mean who doesn’t want a full hairline, all thick and luscious. You want to feel free to tie iphondo (ponytail) or a fineapple without worrying that people can trace the MacDonald’s logo in my hairline.

Ultimately I’m still learning to love and be kinder to my hair which means stopping damaging behaviour like the kind that damaged my hairline. Do I still do fineapples?

I want to be confident that I look beautiful whether the distance between my forehead and my hairline is the same distance that the Israelites walked when Moses parted the Red Sea. Whether my hairline comes back or not I want the confidence to look at MYSELF, accept my hair for what it is and feel gorgeous. I’m shaking this off as a hard lesson learned. See said fineapple below

Talk to me fellow queens and kings, have your edges forsaken you and if they have what are you doing to restore that hairline? What’s working for you and what’s not? Please do drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you guys! Until next time remember,

Good hair is 4c Hair!


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