Hey there 4c hair lovers! I am going to be running a series on natural hair called The Basics. This is just to provide you with, you guessed it, the basics of 4c hair, what it is, regimens, treatments etc. I had a really rough time figuring out my hair when I went natural and sifting through all the information that’s out there is daunting and can be very confusing. I’ll be taking all that information and putting it together in the simplest way possible for you guys, hence the name, The Basics. So if you have any questions, please leave a comment down below and I’ll throw that into the series as well. That being said, let’s get started with today’s post!

What is it?

So you’re probably wondering what 4c hair is. When I first went naturally I couldn’t make heads or tails of the terminology that was thrown at me and when hair types came into the picture that just made the confusion worse. After stumbling around and falling flat on my face in between Google and YouTube, I was able to figure out that the hair on my head was 4c hair.

Now my Mom, #nochill, described the toughness of my hair like the plants or weeds that grow through the pavement. No matter how hard you try you try and pull them out by the root they never go anywhere. Now you have to understand, I have really thick hair and getting a comb to pass through that hair could have been compared to  torture.

Then to top it all off, after having my hair pulled and tugged to render it pretty after combing, my t-shirt and the floor would be covered with all the broken hair that came from combing. So as rough as that description is, it’s some what accurate when describing my previous experiences with 4c hair. I never used to understand why that was the case until I found information about my hair/curl type.

4c Hair Characteristics

4chair can be described as:

  • Tightly coiled with no visible curl pattern
  • Because it is so tightly coiled it tends to tangle very easily, hence it being so difficult to comb
  • The hair does not clump together easily and has no defined curl pattern unless product is applied to it e.g curly puddings and gels etc.
  • This hair is the queen of shrinkage. This hair can shrink to more than half it’s actual length

  • The tightly coiled nature of this hair is what makes it so fragile and so susceptible to breakage. As a result this hair needs little manipulation.

Common 4c Hair struggles and questions

  • Combing the hair is difficult and feels almost impossible
  • Hair that tangles easily or is tangled all the time (This was definitely me)
  • “Hard/Tough Hair”
  • Breakage, especially after combing
  • Hair that always feels dry

All the above sounds a bit complicated but in order for you to get an idea of what the hair type would look like here’s a few celeb naturalistas with 4c hair:

chrisette-michele-instagram-5 the basics

lebo-mashile-4 The basics









Chrisette Michele                                                                                                        Lebo Mashile

embedded_viola_davis_natural_hair The basics

Viola Davis

There are plenty of 4chair Instagrammers and YouTubers who have 4c hair as well. The gorgeous woman in our featured image and one of my favourite 4c naturals is Centricsista who’s real name is Janet Eboah . Her Instagram feed is #goals and her YouTube channel offers plenty of information relating to 4chair. Other notable 4chair Instagrammers and YouTubers are:

  1. Ambrosia Malbrough – Instagram | YouTube
  2. Chizi Duru – Instagram | YouTube
  3. Jenell B. Stewart aka Blakisbeautyful – Instagram | YouTube
  4. Crystal (Kriss) aka Naturalme4c – Instagram | YouTube
  5. Ijeoma Eboh aka Klassykinks – Instagram | YouTube

I could go on and on (I will be sharing some more in the near future) but these are just a few of the 4c naturals out there. The point I’m trying to make is that 4c hair is not that unique and that’s not a bad thing. It just means that there are plenty of other naturals with hair like yours who have made it work, and if they can so can you. Your hair can thrive well

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what have your experiences with 4c hair been like and who your favourites are on Instagram and YouTube. You can follow me on 4chairsa on my all my social media.

Look out for my next post which will be a product review!

Remember, good hair is 4c hair!


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