I cut my hair! Before you lose your minds, I did not cut my hair this week. I’m reflecting on my big chop that happened a few weeks ago. I had my second big chop a few weeks ago and you might be wondering why.

I’d been feeling for a different look with my hair for a while, if you want to read about my hair journey you can do that here. Having an afro is great and seeing your hair grow is even greater but it was honestly getting boring. I was doing the same old styling if I didn’t have a protective style like a wig or braids. I felt that a big chop was one of the easiest ways to switch up my look.

In line with that, I’ve been harbouring a huge crush on short cuts for almost a year! One of Cape Town Naturally’s founders and owner of Buuya Beauty, Kasuba, you can check out her short cuts on Cape Town Naturally’s Facebook page, has the fiercest short hair ever. Beauty blogger Rashida Banks and YouTuber Miss Ken K have some of the greatest tapers ever and yes this is me crushing hard, cue googly eyes and bouncing hearts. These ladies and more made me rethink my hair goals.

Now the biggest reason why I wanted to cut my hair, was to challenge my own natural hair biases. Quite often, as a new and old natural, I’d always see the ladies with these huge fros, and back length hair as having a successful hair journey or reaching said “hairgoals”. I won’t lie, I was prepared for the fact that if it ended badly, I was going to be wearing braids or a wig until I felt like I “looked like a human again”. I had doubt, and I had fear of looking ugly.


Simply put, I was scared of feeling and looking like my femininity would be stripped because I had no hair on my head. I’d seen loads of beautiful women who have short hair and I would always feel like it was something for them, you know women like Lupita, Thandeka Dawn King (she has ihaircut yomhlaba!), Masechaba Ndlovu, my word Lootlove, and yes I have stalked their Instagram pages relentlessly! I would feel like the short hair was for them, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL women like them, not me.

Cutting my hair made me confront myself and my very own biases especially considering how I blog about hair. I didn’t want to be that person who preaches you’re beautiful as you are, but I didn’t live it. And honestly, I think I love my short hair most. It’s so much less work, I use less product and it forces me to be confident in myself. My hair is gone and I have to rock this short hair and make it look good and that is what has made me so confident. I’ve had negative as well and positive feedback about my hair cut but the good far outweighs the bad.

If you’re like me and thinking of cutting your hair, I would say go ahead and do it. If it doesn’t work, your hair will grow back, honestly guys it will and if it doesn’t you can get a wig. I may sound so casual but it grows! I’ve cut my hair two more times, proof that it grows. If you have a twa, enjoy it and if you feel like cutting it go for it, join me! Above all have fun with and enjoy your hair!


Natural Hair Tapered Cut

Until next time, remember
Good Hair is 4c hair.

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