Hello, my 4chair lovers. I’m back at you with another product review and today’s review is on the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment line. You can find my take of the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Range over here. I want to start off by saying this is not sponsored post and I bought these products with my own money

Initially, when this range came out I was actually quite upset. Correction, I was pissed off because it simply felt like this was some ploy for a white-owned company to cash in on the natural hair movement and that’s because of their Extraordinary Oil range. This range is bomb and is marketed at dry to extremely dry hair and works so well on my 4c hair. This just felt like they took that range and packaged it nicely, put a bow on it and marketed it for natural hair.
Like kanti how long have we been begging for natural hair products? I was even more pissed off that they had a fellow natural actually supporting this cause, umuntu esithengisa kanje(someone selling us out like this)? In my head, I was just ready and waiting for the natural hair police to go after Nomzamo Mbatha with pitchforks and torches and it angered me that this hadn’t happened.
I went to Clicks and bought these products with so much disgruntlement in my spirit and I almost didn’t buy them because I was just in the store like
In the end, Clicks’ 3 for 2 special convinced me otherwise #vivaClicks and I bought the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in cream. I used this product and I was so ready to hate it, so so ready and I was wrong, so so wrong.
Here’s my impression of the products:

Shampoo 250ml – R49.95

The shampoo is one of the best shampoos I have ever used in my life. Before you ask, it’s a sulphate shampoo and yes I used it on my hair. You know how I feel about sulphates.
This shampoo is bomb! Firstly it smells divine, it’s got a floral fragrance but isn’t overwhelming. The best way I can describe it is that it smells like summer! The whole range just smells like summer! It lathers up really well and has an almost silky feel to it. The best thing about this shampoo is that even though it contains sulphates, it doesn’t feel like it strips your hair, you do have that squeaky feeling but your hair doesn’t feel like you’ve put it through a world of hurt. This shampoo gets the job done and I would score it a 5/5. Yes guys, a five.

Conditioner 250ml – R49.95

I’m going to sound like I’m repeating myself, but this conditioner is bomb! Like it is AMAZING! It smells exactly like the shampoo and gives so much slip that detangling is a breeze. What’s a super plus is that it does exactly what the line name says, it nourishes! My hair felt so soft and my curls were so defined after rinsing the conditioner out. That being said, because it’s so rich it takes a bit longer to rinse it all out which I found to be the only downside to this conditioner Because of that, I score this conditioner 4.999. Yes, guys, it is that amazing.

Leave In Cream 250ml – R89.95

I feel like the natural hair police will kill me or L’Oreal Paris for this. One of the ingredients of the cream is Mineral Oil and yes I put it on my hair. While trying these products, L’Oreal could have asked me to sell my kidney to them and I would have said yes because that’s how impressive these products are. I applied the cream to damp hair and my hair has never been so easy to comb and has never felt as soft as it did. This cream made my hair so easy to comb and left my hair feeling so moisturized. My verdict for this cream, mineral oil considered 4.999. Yes, I said it 4 point damn 999.

Final Verdict

I need to apologize, L’Oreal Paris, I am sorry. I was so wrong about this range and I am so glad I was. This range contains taboo products in the natural hair community but L’Oreal Paris created a formula that not just works but works well. As a 4c naturalista, dryness and tangling has always been an issue and I feel like all three of these products address these concerns well. The conditioner and cream provide plenty of slip for detangling and nourish the hair so well. My hair never felt dry once and I actually had less hair fall in the shower too when detangling my hair. The price point is also a big win for me and with a 3 for 2 special, this range becomes quite affordable. Keep an eye out for these specials at Clicks. This range gets a 5/5 from me.
Let me know what you guys think, did you like the range, have you tried it?
Until next time, remember Good hair is 4chair.
P.S Halala for Nomzamo Mbatha for being the new face of L’Oreal. And sorry for calling you a sell out, girl you alright *hides face* You make your fellow natural sisters proud. Rise Africa, rise!


  1. Now you have just sold me! I want to buy the leave-in cream since I am out of leave-in. So I will be buying both the leave-in and the conditioner thanks to you. I am looking for a product that will help with tangles and retain moisture.

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