About Me

My name is Buhle (you can call me B), and I am a Zimbabwean born natural living in South Africa. I haven’t always been a fan of natural hair or known how to manage it either and after having one too many ungodly experiences with relaxer I chopped off all my relaxed ends in 2013. And  they all lived happily ever after…

nah bra

Looking after and maintaining 4c hair has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. And I say challenging because it’s my hair (in your case as you read, your hair)! That thing that sits on you head that everyone sees unless you wear a scarf or a hat all the time, and let’s be honest no one covers their head 24/7, 365. And even if other people don’t see your hair, you do! And your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/your kids/just your somebody! And let’s not lie and pretend that none of us has ever laughed (in private or in public) at someone who’s hair looks like the struggle.

Bottom line, somebody be seein’ dat hair!

With that being said, I decided to create this blog to share my experiences with 4c hair and everything I wish the blogosphere and YouTube could have possibly saved me from. I’ll be sharing regimens, product reviews(products you can buy without importing from overseas or selling a kidney), I will be debunking myths, confirming truths and hopefully be the 4c hair fairy godmother I wish I had. Because, truth be told, we need to make a collective effort to make our hair look good.

If I can learn to fix my hair, everybody else can and that’s what this blog is for. And because I love makeup so much there’ll be a few of those recommendations too. I do not, I repeat, do not, have all the answers…but I have some and I’m here to share them. So if you have had any questions about type 4c hair, you can join me on my hair journey as I share everything I have learnt about my hair and everything it’s still yet to teach me.  And never forget…

Natural hair, 4c hair, natural hair south africa

…yeah I said it!

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