Hey my 4c hair lovers. In my last post I promised you a post on a natural hair regimen/routine and I thought it fit that we tailor it for beginners, hence A Hair regimen: a 4c beginner’s guide was born. Apologies for the inconsistent posting. This will soon be a thing of the past! So let’s get straight into what a hair regimen is and why exactly you need one.

Like the name would state, a regimen or a routine is something that you would do consistently or over and over again. Like any living organism, there are certain things that you would do on a daily basis (or however often) to survive and to thrive. Just like our bodies need good food, rest and exercise to be healthy aka a healthy routine, our hair will need a hair regimen to grow well.

Natural hair and in this case more specifically, 4c hair, needs a routine in order for it to thrive and grow. In an older post, I described hair typing and defined 4c hair.  Black Naps also does a great job describing this curl type as well and you can check out their post here. Most times hair will grow on its own when left alone but it flourishes when looked after. Just like our bodies, hair that’s well treated and fed will grow, not only grow but thrive.

So how do we create said regimen?

Step 1: Characteristics

Now when creating a regimen for your hair you would need to look at the characteristics of your hair first. You would then tailor your hair regimen according to the needs of your hair. Most naturals are guilty of buying a product they’ve seen a YouTuber using, or simply because its popular. Don’t do that. Don’t

I would like to remind you that popularity doesn’t mean it will work for your hair. Look at what the product promises to do and what does your hair actually need.

In this case you would be building a regimen for 4c hair which is normally:

  • Tightly coiled
  • Tangles easily
  • No real defined curl pattern without a lot of moisture, product or manipulation
  • Can be very dry
  • Breaks easily

Step 2: Porosity

The next thing you will need to test is your hair porosity. Porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb moisture as well as keep it. This can either be high, low or normal (in between). You can test your hair’s porosity in three ways.

Float Test

This will need to be done on clean hair. Hair that already has product will alter your results. Take a couple of clean hair strands and put them in a cup of water at room temperature. If your hair is still floating after 2-4 minutes, you have low porosity hair. If your hair takes 2-4 minutes to sink to the bottom of the cup you have normal porosity hair. If your hair sinks to the bottom of the glass almost immediately or in a few seconds, you have high porosity hair.

Spray Test

This will also need to be done on clean hair. Grab a small section of hair and pin back the rest of your hair. You can also stand in front of a mirror in order to get a better view of what you are doing. Grab a spray bottle with water in it and lightly spritz/mist your hair with the water. If your hair quickly absorbs the water, you have high porosity hair. If you see beads of water on your strands or water is sitting on the strands of your hair, your hair is not absorbing the water quickly which means your have low porosity hair. Normal porosity hair will see the water steadily being absorbed by the hair.

Strand test

You can grab a strand of your hair and gently run the strand in between your thumb and index/forefinger. If you feel bumps along the shaft of hair, you have high porosity hair. If it just feels smooth, you have low porosity hair.

Now that we’ve unraveled what these porosity and hair characteristics things are we need to establish a hair regimen and all that is dependent on the information we’ve covered above. I’m going to give you wonderful naturals a chance to take a look at your own hair and figure out it’s characteristics. I will then be putting up a post in the next day or two outlining how to respond to the needs of our hair by creating a hair regimen. Until my next post remember,

Good hair is 4c hair.


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